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For a whale, he sure can dance. But when it comes to having a sense of direction or keeping track of things, he has the brain of a fish. Print off and help FIN find his way through these mazes to find what he has lost. It could be anything from a bucket of fish, his hockey gear or even a pair of Canucks tickets! Check back each month for new challenges, and new mazes!

Valentine's Day

FIN is hungry for a Valentine’s Day treat. Help him find his way to the bin of chocolate hockey pucks!

All Star Game

FIN has been invited to the NHL All Star Game again! Help him find his way to Bridgestone Arena in Nashville so he can cheer on some Canucks players!

Canuck Place

Show Santa FIN the way to Canuck Place so he can help turn on the Christmas lights!


Whales can't grow moustaches, so FIN needs to improvise in order to support Movember. Help FIN find his fake moustache!

Rogers Arena

It’s time for FIN to head to Rogers Arena for the 2015.16 season, but he can’t find his way back without your help. Show FIN the way back to Rogers Arena so he can cheer on his Canucks!

Prince George

Summer is almost over so it's time for FIN to get back to work. Help him find his way to Training Camp in Prince George so he can get in shape for the season!

FIN's Fishing Trip

FIN is heading to the annual Fishing for Kids West Coast Fishing Club Tournament. Help him find his way to Haida Gwaii so he can support his favourite charities and eat some fresh wild salmon!

Summer Time

FIN has had enough of the heat and is ready to go for a swim. Help him find his swimsuit and towel so he can cool down!

Mascot Games

FIN is going to the 2015 Mascot Games in Orlando to hang out with his mascot buddies and compete in all kinds of events. Help FIN find his way to Orlando so he can help his team win!

End of the Season

FIN had fun this hockey season, but it's time to pack up for the summer. Help FIN find his jerseys!

Vancouver Aquarium

Help FIN find the Vancouver Aquarium so he can visit his friend Bee Bop!

Saint Patrick's Day

FIN saw a rainbow and he heard there's a pot of golden hockey pucks to be found at the end of it. Help FIN find the golden hockey pucks before the Saint Patrick's Day Leprechaun!